Nature And Technology: Can The Two Coexist?

Today, we live in such a fast-paced society where it seems that our topics of discussion evolve around various social media such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, text messaging has become a way of life for the young and young at heart. Cell phones have become a way of life for most people. Action-packed video games keep people glued to their game consoles for hours on end and far away from any sense of what is “real.” Moreover, has our technology advanced to a point that people have forgotten about what it’s like to connect with nature? Is it possible that nature no longer matters to us? Now, I’m not opposed to advancements in technology. After all, some technology is needed to advance our society in a way that would benefit not only the human race, but to make our planet a better place for all of us (i.e., solar energy). Likewise, I am utilizing technology at this moment for a very important purpose. To be specific, this is an ideal way to communicate important issues that are often overlooked. However, could it be that technology/social media has taken center stage over our desire to connect with nature? Have we set enough time out for the so-called little things that keep our mind refreshed and our bodies reinvigorated? Have we taken time out of our busy schedules to reconnect with nature? Could it be the “little things” that matter the most? Today, I went to a local favorite restaurant of mine for lunch with family. As always, I eat my lunch outside on the patio. And today like most spring days here in Florida, it was pure sunshine with very comfortable temperatures and low humidity. Much to my surprise, not a single soul was enjoying the stunningly gorgeous outdoors! That’s right, not one person was dining outside amongst the beautiful birds singing in the trees. However, there was someone who came outside and made a cell phone call. Surely, the reception is much better outdoors, but what about the nature? Are people so obsessed with their cell phones that they can’t take a moment to notice nature? Nonetheless, the restaurant was extremely busy inside. As a matter of fact, there was hardly a table available “inside.” People certainly did not avoid eating out due to inclement weather. Also, there were lots of umbrellas to keep folks shaded from the sun if they so desired. The outdoor patio was very clean and inviting. So what was I thinking about the lack of folks dining outside? Well, there was only one thought going on in my mind and it was, “their loss and not mine!!” I must admit it was absolute heaven soaking up the sun, enjoying the gentle breezes and most of all listening to the birds sing from the lush trees. By the way, there was no texting or social media to distract me. There may be a time and place for that, but it wasn’t on my priority list! It’s the so-called little things that reinvigorate me. It keeps my soul connected in a way that no social media could ever do for me. It was one relaxing lunch that soothed the soul.

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Compassion motivates and inspires me. Whether it’s compassion for animals, the environment, or people–I embrace it. I try to live a compassionate life each and everyday. It gives me purpose.
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10 Responses to Nature And Technology: Can The Two Coexist?

  1. cup of joe says:

    I agree with you WWP. It seems to me like nature has taken a back seat to all the new and exciting and “not so exciting” technologies that have come along through the years. I remember when I was a young kid and loved to play “outside.” I would play football, baseball, hide and seek, and stayed outside until I heard mom calling for dinner. I just loved being outdoors. Nowadays parents don’t have to call the kids in for dinner because they never left the house all day! Kids are playing games on the computer, talking on the phone, texting, etc. This is why we have so many obese kids today. This way of living will usually continue through adulthood along with all the health complications that come with it. I’m glad I had the childhood that I did in the time period before all this technology came along. Technology has changed how most of us view the world today. But for me I still remember my childhood “good old” days seeing all the nature each and every day. I am still amazed at all it has to offer. Thanks for writing such a great blog!

    • Very good point! Too much technology can have negative consequences. Living a sedentary lifestyle is a great example of how too much technology/social media can be harmful. I guess “balance” is the key. Also, if we don’t take time to reflect, then how do we evolve in a more meaningful way? I think we need to embrace nature in order to connect with each other in a more purposeful way. Anyway, so glad that you took time from your day to post a comment! Thanks for the kind words!! I am on my way outside before the day is gone.

  2. Technology is definitely putting an artificial gap in between us and nature. You can see people are hungry for the connection to the natural, they just don’t recognize what it is that they are longing for. I love inviting people to share nature with me, especially when I know that they will love it; it’s like they have forgotten the option is there. Great blog!

    • Well said! Why live in a virtual world when we can enjoy and experience “real” nature? Let’s just hope that we can keep the environment safe from harm, so that we can share the beauty with others. Really nice to hear that you like my blog!

  3. They can but somehow along the way nature looses slowly. I went to Galveston Beach yesterday. Still beautiful but the refining oil companies are polluting the air and the waters. people still swim but the waters are not safe anymore. Just like plastics, where else would they go? great post.

    • A day at the beach sounds like a wonderful way to spend quality family time! Sorry to hear that the air and water are polluted from oil refineries/corporations. What a shame! 😦 Our beaches are so precious. As for Florida, we have been lucky so far. As of now, we don’t have oil drilling close to our beaches. However, that could always change in the future. Plus, other countries are drilling not far from Key West in international waters. It is too close for comfort for me. Those waters in and around the Keys (i.e., Key Largo to Key West) are beyond pristine. If we get a major oil spill, it would be beyond devastating. The ecosystem would likely be destroyed. It wouldn’t be pretty to say the least. Unfortunately, enjoying the day at the beach with family would probably just be a memory. Hopefully, that will never happen. Anyway, so glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for the comment. It’s always appreciated.

  4. Sony Fugaban says:

    I was actually discussing this to my wife last night. Our short vacation (for five days) in the province the other week paved the way for me and my soon to be 3-year old son to enjoy the mud on our feet. It’s rainy season in the country now so most of the time, the “paths” leading to our house are flooded.

    One early morning, I decided to take my son at the rice field. We both wore our slippers but after a few steps, our feet were already bedraggled. An idea came to me that I and my son should just walk on the muddy earth without our slippers instead. We did and we so enjoyed the earth sticking on our feet! It’s been a while since I played like that and it was a great experience to share this with my son who also undoubtedly enjoyed the same.

    You are definitely right! Today’s age somehow crippled our ability to notice nature most of the time. Nonetheless, it also has its own way of being noticed. Lucky us who are natural nature lovers that noticing small things like the mud after the heavy rains is no hard task.

    Nice post, my friend! I really enjoyed reading it.

    • What a beautiful comment my friend! I really enjoyed reading it. And I’m equally glad that you enjoyed reading my post. Anyway, that must have been so awesome for you and your son to walk in the mud together! No doubt, you must have felt like a kid all over again! I think it’s cool to embrace nature at any age. I love rainy days, sunny days, windy days, etc. By the way, it must be cool having rice fields nearby. I happen to love rice. At any rate, I’m glad that you had some quality time with your family enjoying “nature” together. 🙂

  5. jakesprinter says:

    I love to invite you here Doc

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