Reality Check: Compassion Versus Cruelty

First, I want to start off by saying that I am not a huge fan of reality television. I’d rather be spending my time outdoors watching nature! However, there are those times that I like to have a healthy dose of “craziness” every so often. Can anyone say “Celebrity Apprentice?” Now, it’s not an obsession of mine, but it’s just interesting to me to watch all the wackiness that takes place. It’s a bit like a train wreck waiting to happen. And the show is not just about entertaining the viewers. For example, the celebrities get lots of money donated to their favorite charities if they win the task. This is the main reason why I like watching the show. In other words, there is a “purpose” behind all the chaos. Recently, I tuned in to the show and much to my disappointment some of the celebrities were wearing “fur.” Saddened by what I saw, I thought to myself how could someone who is so caring on one charitable cause totally dismiss the suffering of innocent animals? It didn’t make much sense to me. Yet, it’s true that so many times people do often overlook the animals. Why can’t people care about animals too? It doesn’t have to be a competition between people and animals. Anyway, there they were in their fur coats. Yet, there wasn’t a thing I could do about it! People do have free will to wear what they choose. But the bigger question should be, why should an animal have to suffer for someone who wants to make a fashion statement? How about making a “compassion fashion” statement? Besides, it’s not exactly attractive wearing a dead animal. Moreover, it’s not like I would skin my dog and wear it. That would be barbaric! But when it’s not our dog or cat then society just accepts it as normal. Why should cruelty be accepted for certain types of animals? Cruelty doesn’t pick and choose. All animals experience pain and suffering. At any rate, I will only hope that those few celebrities were all wearing faux fur on the show. Although it’s no secret that those celebrities in particular are known for wearing “real fur.” And if they were wearing dead animals, I would hope that they would consider extending that same sense of charity for their cause to suffering animals as well. After all, shouldn’t compassion trump cruelty?

About wordswithpurpose

Compassion motivates and inspires me. Whether it’s compassion for animals, the environment, or people–I embrace it. I try to live a compassionate life each and everyday. It gives me purpose.
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10 Responses to Reality Check: Compassion Versus Cruelty

  1. cup of joe says:

    You go WWP. It’s not often enough that someone stands up for the animals that suffer for no other reason then to make someone feel “extra special” with a fur coat, etc. This sounds like a complex problem to me. Maybe they need to look a little deeper inside themselves to resolve their need to wear dead animals. Anyway WWP keep up the great postings and speaking for the animals. If they could speak, I bet they would say that they would rather be walking in the woods instead of on someone’s back.

    • Thanks for the comment! I do agree that it’s a complex issue. So many times our society simply looks at animals as less than us. And the only way that this will change is when “we” change it! We are all part of something greater than ourselves. Now the real question is will others realize the need to extend kindness to all living things? Being an optimist, I certainly believe that people want to embrace compassion for animals too.

  2. wordsfallfrommyeyes says:

    You’re so so totally right skinning a dog or cat would be barbaric – and then our double standard. If I was in Siberia and needed a coat for survival (and if I had the ability to fight an animal to the death) I am afraid I would, as I feel this is nature and survival. But fashion statements of feathered earrings and hats and yik and stoles. You’re so right.

    • I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to see a new comment on this post! I sure appreciate it. Unfortunately, I do think that there is a double standard when it comes to animals. We would never think of wearing our cat or dog, but some people think that wearing “other animals” are okay. I personally never understood it and never will. That being said, I think if those people who wear fur had to actually watch the entire process from start to finish that they would decide to wear faux fur as an alternative. I won’t get into all the graphic details here, so let’s just say that there is nothing glamorous about it. As far as Siberia goes, I would just move to a warmer climate! If moving were not possible, luckily we live in modern times where as we have other humane options. By the way, I love how open you are to talking about important issues. Life isn’t always peachy, so to speak. There are topics that need discussing, but aren’t always pleasant to talk about. So, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Last but not least, thanks for liking this post! 🙂

  3. Sony Fugaban says:

    I truly felt the concern you have for animals. Makes me want to slap myself as I remember my childhood days when I used to be cruel to frogs. I did make them my toys back in the days. And I must admit, the term for what I did was barbaric. Aside from eating “some” animal’s meet (still, but I am trying hard to curtail the drive if you know what I mean), that’s another hideous thing I did. Anyways, I’ve already repented for that a long time ago eventhough I was just a kid then. I know there are no excuses for that so I did. That’s why, I am now an advocate of supporting, at least, organizations that are for animals.

    Donna, I’m sorry I told you that. 😦

    • You are an amazingly open person Sony! I appreciate it so much. That being said, you definitely can’t blame yourself for what happened when you were a kid. You couldn’t have possibly understood then at the level that you do now as an adult. So, why feel guilty for something that you never fully understood? Nonetheless, we all have made mistakes as kids (and as adults), but those mistakes in my opinion are an opportunity for personal growth. In other words, I think that we can become stronger as a result of those mistakes. I’m not Mother Teresa. I make mistakes too. I just try to limit my mistakes as much as possible! Ha! Ha! None of us are perfect. We are merely human. Life is an evolving process where as each day is an opportunity for personal growth. Speaking of personal growth, I think that is fantastic that you are more involved with animal advocacy! Very cool Sony.

      As for eating meat, I was raised on meat and potatoes. As previously mentioned, going vegan was an evolving process for me. I didn’t go cold turkey either. I think that we are all individuals that need to evolve at our own pace. For me personally, being vegan has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. It gives me a sense of inner peace in such a profound way that words can’t describe.

      By the way, I hope that you get a chance to see what is going on with the dolphins over in Japan (the link is in my recent ‘Tis the Season post). You may already be familiar with it. I love dolphins. It breaks my heart what is taking place. Anyway, thanks Sony for commenting on this post. I am truly blessed to have you as my blogging friend. Time to celebrate; I officially have two likes on this post! 🙂

  4. Sony Fugaban says:

    I want you to know you were the one who opened my eyes on the things I’m not aware of, particularly cruelty to animals. Don’t worry, you have enough influence on me that will sure not be put to waste. I will do my best to do my part in balancing the equation.

    • Wow Sony! Your comment came as such a huge surprise! Thanks very much for your very kind words. My primary reason for starting this blog was to raise awareness to the issue of animal cruelty. So, I appreciate your comment more than you will ever know. It’s blogging friends like you that inspire me. That being said, I really admire your passion for nature and the environment. Your blog surely reflects that passion. You are a true “green warrior.” By the way, I don’t think that I have read all of your posts. My New Year’s resolution will be to read all of them. I will be doing so gradually as time permits. And thanks so much for “all” your comments. That was a priceless Christmas gift my friend. I will be replying to them all as soon as possible. 🙂

  5. jakesprinter says:

    What i always reading is very helpful topics from you doc 🙂

    • Thanks very much Jake! It’s good to hear that this post was helpful. My goal was to raise awareness on “animal cruelty” when I wrote this post. Unfortunately, I’ve seen several celebrities on television wearing fur coats lately. Hopefully, they will come to understand that they can look just as cool and glamorous in cruelty-free faux fur! 🙂

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