City Plans to Kill Ducks: People Outraged

Lucky ducks pictured here. These ducks are not located in Ocala, FL Credit: Raymond Gobis Via Creative Commons

One of my fondest memories as a child is when my parents would take me to the park to see the ducks. It was a relaxing way to spend quality family time together. Moreover, it was also a wonderful way to bond with nature. Nowadays, in this fast paced world in which we live, our connection with nature is more important than ever. Unfortunately, enjoying nature is not as easy as when I was a kid as a result of over development and other human causes.

Being an animal lover, I was absolutely shocked and horrified when I heard the news that the city of Ocala, Florida is planning to kill about 110 ducks that are living in several of the city’s parks. Specifically, the city plans to pay the USDA over $8,000 to euthanize the ducks. First, the ducks will be sedated. After sedation, they will be driven to another county that is located hours away. The reason for the long drive is that is where the gas chamber is located. The ducks will be placed in the gas chamber and killed.

Why the death sentence for the ducks? According to city officials, the ducks are contaminating the ponds and recreation areas. In other words, the city sees the ducks as a nuisance to area parks. Needless to say, there has been a huge public outrage as a result of the city’s decision. Specifically, there have been protests and petitions in an effort to save the ducks. As a matter of fact, there have been organizations that have offered to take the ducks, but so far negotiations have been unsuccessful. According to city officials, federal law has made relocating the ducks difficult. At the end of this post, I will leave a couple of links for those who would like to get involved by signing a petition to help save the ducks.

Some of us are animal lovers–and some are not. No doubt, we all have different passions in life. After all, that is what is so beautiful about life. We are all uniquely different, but most of us share a common bond. That is, we want to make a difference. We want to make the world a better place before we leave this world. We want to live our lives with purpose. That being said, what gives us the right to take another life because we simply view that life as a nuisance? Moreover, do elected city officials have that right? Morally speaking, does anyone have that right?

Before long, at the pace we are going, will there be any wildlife left? Interestingly enough, our own human population is growing at a rapid pace, but have we addressed the issues involved with that? Do we want a planet that is void of nature? Are we just going to build parks for baseball diamonds and snack bars? Are we so focused on ourselves that we have lost our way?

Being an optimist, I believe that most people are compassionate. However, not all of us share a compassion for animals, but I do believe that as our society evolves that people will have more empathy. As for ducks, often times people will minimize their significance by arguing that they are just plain stupid. I personally disagree with that, but let’s say that they are stupid for the sake of discussion. Does having less intelligence give people the right to kill? If anything, we should have more empathy for a life that has less intelligence than we do. In other words, if we are truly the “smart ones,” then shouldn’t we understand right from wrong?

As for the ducks, I personally believe that they deserve to be here as much as we do. If for whatever reason the ducks cannot be relocated, why consider killing them as an option anyway? It doesn’t sound at all humane to me. Besides, we need to learn how to coexist together. And if we can’t learn to coexist, perhaps it might be time to look in the mirror. After all, when people actually start thinking that killing innocent ducks is acceptable behavior then perhaps the real problem here has nothing at all to do with ducks. In my opinion, we cannot say that we are compassionate if we don’t have compassion for animals too. How we treat our animals (ducks included) says a lot about who we are.

By the way, I have just heard some hopeful news on this story. According to a city official, there may be some revisions to the federal law that would make relocating the ducks easier. Yet, it is not clear as to what those revisions will be. So, let’s be hopeful, but let’s also be “involved” in helping to make a difference. It’s all of us working together that can raise awareness to bring about change.

Here are the links for those who want to sign the petitions to help save the ducks:

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Compassion motivates and inspires me. Whether it’s compassion for animals, the environment, or people–I embrace it. I try to live a compassionate life each and everyday. It gives me purpose.
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20 Responses to City Plans to Kill Ducks: People Outraged

  1. barb19 says:

    What gives these”officials” the right to make the decision to kill these ducks anyway? The whole system is messed up, and it’s getting worse. We need to learn to co-exist with nature instead of complaining about the inconvenience of them. What a fickle world we live in.
    I hope the ducks get a reprieve and are put somewhere where they will be more appreciated.

    • I really appreciate your comment Barb. I know how much you love animals too. I can’t say that I look forward to writing this type of story. Yet, I hope that this post helps to raise awareness to this issue. Even more so, I too hope that these ducks’ lives are spared. Anyway, I’m so glad that we both share a love for animals. I love all that you do for animals. It’s people like you who inspire me. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. These sorts of ‘solutions’ are simply mind-boggling. I’m so glad you’ve got some hopeful news.

  3. smegypsiren says:

    OMG what is wrong with these people??? Those poor ducks have just as much right to live as the squirrels and bums in that park. Whats next are they gonna poison them too?

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s a shame what some people are capable of doing. I agree with you that the ducks should be able to live there in harmony with the squirrels and homeless people (I empathize with them too). And let’s hope that they don’t resort to poisoning squirrels and homeless people!!!

  4. Whoever decided the killing of these creatures does not have a conscience about wildlife. They don’t have the right to be in a govt. Posistion if they don’t value the outcry of the people who elected them. Stay strong, keep up the fight. You are right in speaking for them. Great post.

    • So very well said! I couldn’t agree with you more that these people do not have a conscience. Apparently, these city officials that voted to kill the ducks lack empathy for animals. By the way, it was a 3-2 vote by city council members. It’s amazing how the decision to kill the ducks came down to a difference of just one vote. Anyway, I appreciate your kind words and support. You really do inspire me. Let’s hope that we hear something positive on this!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I’d be outraged too … well, I AM!!! Hope the people can raise to protest and stop this.

    Somewhere here in New Brunswick, they wanted to shoot a couple of Canada geese, for pretty much the same reasons. They figured if they shot a few, the others would take off from there. People were too outraged so they couldn’t do it.

    • Thanks for your comment Rebekah. I hope that everyone working together on this can help save the ducks. Also, I’m glad to hear that those geese there in Canada were spared. It just goes to show the importance of all of us working together to make a difference. By the way, I just love your “gravatar photo!” I will be dropping by your blog often!!

  6. This so horrible! I hope things worked out well for the ducks. Any updates?

    Also you may want to check this out and sign the petition if you haven’t already:

    It’s so sick and twisted!

    • That is so sad what is going on over there. I was not aware of it. Thanks so much for providing the link. I did sign the petition. I hope that lots more people will sign it too. I just hope that the needless killing stops. That is just beyond belief to me that they would even consider such an inhumane act. I totally agree that it’s “sick and twisted.” Why can’t they just leave them alone? As for the ducks, there has been some hopeful news just in the past couple of days. My understanding is that the city has filed for a Federal Depredation Permit to relocate the ducks to a place where they can’t escape. Apparently, there is a family that lives in the area that is willing to take the ducks. They are not releasing the specifics yet, so we will have to wait and see for the details. Also, I have read that if the city were unable to trap the ducks that they might kill the ducks anyway. So, unfortunately, killing them is still an option. The good news is that things are looking much better for the ducks (thanks to that family). Anyway, thanks so much for your comment and for the link.

  7. Happy Sole says:

    i’ve signed! i hope they come up wih a better solution besides euthanasia… 😦

    • Thanks so much for signing the petition and your comment! The latest news on this hasn’t changed since my last comment (see above). They are talking about trapping the ducks, and moving them to a new location (a family willing to take them). They haven’t released all the details. I do know that killing them by “gas chamber” is still a possibility if they are unable to catch them. Let’s hope that it is a happy ending. I’m hopeful about it! Thanks for dropping by.

  8. jakesprinter says:

    Great story and while write a comment here i look for a moment for my dogs playing in my bed and i say whisper to them you are lucky animals 🙂

    • Thanks for reading my post and commenting Jake! The last that I have heard on this story is that the ducks might be relocated to a private location. As far as I know, there is no new information. Hopefully, things will work out for them. Also, I hope that they will have plenty of space. Anyway, it sounds like your pets are indeed part of the family! Much happiness to you and your family. 🙂

  9. Sony Fugaban says:

    Let’s continue with what we started. The ripple effect is big enough for me!

    • Sounds great to me Sony! By the way, I have WONDERFUL news on this story. The ducks will NOT be killed!!! The city recently received a federal permit that allow the ducks to be relocated to a private location. There had been discussion on relocating them, but the city did not have the federal permit to do so. They now do! So, the ducks lives have been spared! However, they still need to catch them in order to relocate them. So, I hope that all goes well with that. Plus, they are not disclosing anything about the new location other then to say that it’s a private residence. Hopefully, they will have lots of space where they can freely roam. That being said, I’m thankful that the local city officials listened to the voices of the people. It amazed me how people from all around the world cared enough to get involved. There are so many good people in the world that care about animals. By the way, you are surely one of those people Sony! 🙂

  10. Sony Fugaban says:

    … what we started for Mother Nature and for the Earth …

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