The Liebster Blog Award Honorees

I hope that everyone has read my previous post, A Sweet SurpriseThe Liebster Blog Award. This is the follow-up to that post. This is where I get to nominate five other bloggers for this beloved award. Nonetheless, I know that a few of you have already been honored with this award. So, I wanted to share this with those of you that have not yet received this award. After all, why give this award to someone who already has it? Also, I wish that I could nominate more than five blogs because there are so many wonderful blogs out there! In addition, I want to thank everyone that has been part of my blogging journey. I have met some very kind, inspirational and talented bloggers that truly make a difference. I appreciate all the kind comments. It goes without saying that I am truly honored to have met some pretty awesome people here in the WordPress community! Most of all, thanks again to The World Via Standby  for bestowing this honor to my blog.

Without further ado, in no particular order, these are my top five picks for:

The Liebster Blog Award!

Sony-Stories of My Wandering Feet & Mind:  A devoted husband, father, educator, adventurer, and “green warrior.” Sony cares deeply about our planet, and the animals that inhabit it.

Barb-Passionate about Pets & People: The name of Barb’s blog says it all. Barb is passionate about pets and people. Moreover, Barb has compassion for all living things!

John-Blithe and Untroubled Life:  John writes about life in the Philippines. He writes about issues that affect his community. Also, John has a big heart for helping others. He volunteers to help the less fortunate.

Barbara Rodgers-By the Sea:  Barbara’s blog inspires me in so many ways. If it wasn’t for me reading a recent post by Barbara, I would have missed this year’s harvest moon. Nonetheless, I salute Barbara for her recent decision to become a vegetarian. She describes her journey in recent posts. She too has compassion for animals.

Vegobsessionchick-Veg Obsession:  Much to my delight, I recently came across this blog. This self-proclaimed chick is a vegan mom that has compassion for all living things! Her recipes are beyond yummy and very healthy. And did I mention kind to animals? Her recipes are simply sumptuous for anyone who loves food. And who doesn’t love food?

Congratulations to all of you! All of the specifics for accepting this award is in my previous post, A Sweet Surprise: The Liebster Blog Award. Also, I hope that others who read this post will take a moment to discover your blogs (if they haven’t done so already). By the way, I still have one more award post coming soon. At that time, I will have the honor of bestowing The Versatile Blogger Award to five more bloggers!

About wordswithpurpose

Compassion motivates and inspires me. Whether it’s compassion for animals, the environment, or people–I embrace it. I try to live a compassionate life each and everyday. It gives me purpose.
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24 Responses to The Liebster Blog Award Honorees

  1. Sony Fugaban says:

    I am deeply honored, Donna, for this another award! Thank you very much …

  2. john tugano says:

    Being on the list is really heartwarming knowing that someone has cared reading my post.Donna,It is with so much gratitude that you have considered me to receive this award..You are very much deserving of this award too,no doubt of that..
    Again thank you so much I’ll take time reading whats with on other blogs you have mentioned above..Oh by the way Sony is my Friend too..

  3. barb19 says:

    Thank you so much for the award Donna, and I am honored that you think my blog is worthy of it!

    • You’re very welcome Barb! Your blog is always a joy to read. It’s very worthy of this award! It goes without saying that I appreciate how deeply you care about animals too. I admire how passionate you are about pets (and people). That being said, I really appreciate how you care about “all living things” as you so eloquently write on your blog! 🙂

  4. jakesprinter says:

    Nice post .

  5. I am really honored! Thank you so much for the award! I work hard on my blog and it is so nice to be appreciated! I love your blog as well. It is wonderful to meet another compassionate being! It really gives me hope to see more people speaking up for the powerless!
    Thank you!

    • It’s my honor to bestow this award to you! I instantly fell in love with your blog! It is wonderful to meet other bloggers that share the same sense of compassion for “all living things.” Your recipes are wonderful. Plus, I love all your quotes, etc. Anyway, I could go on and on…Thanks for all you do for animals. Also, thanks for your kind words. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. 🙂

  6. Each of this honorees are truly worthy of the award. Four of them I’m already familiar with. They are talented, generous and real blogger friends. Have a fun and wonderful weekend and Happy Hallooween. God bless you and your family always.

    • Thanks IT! Isn’t it a blessing to know so many wonderful bloggers? It is equally a blessing to know you my friend. By the way, congratulations to you on your Liebster Award! Isn’t “The World Via Standby” such a wonderful friend too? Nonetheless, Happy Halloween to you too! This is such a fun time of year. It’s fun seeing the kids in their costumes. 🙂

  7. Just want to say thank you for the recent inspiring comments. Beautiful words my friend. Wishing you and your family love and happiness.

    • You’re very welcome IT! I feel the same way about your heartfelt comments. Isn’t it wonderful when we inspire each other? One thing you can count on is that I meant every word my friend. Anyway, thanks for your kind words. Warmest wishes to you and your family. 🙂

  8. rumpydog says:

    Gotta check these bloggers out!

    • Thanks Rumpy for dropping by again! I do hope that you get a chance to check out the blogs mentioned in my post. There are lots of great blogs out there, so picking only five was a big challenge I must say! Nonetheless, I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving Rumpy. By the way, my family celebrated Thanksgiving as “Thanksliving.” That is, no animals were eaten during our holiday. Anyway, it’s always nice to hear from my animal friends. 🙂

  9. aRVee says:

    Congrats and congrats to all your nominees 🙂

    • Thanks very much for the “reblog” Ann! I must say that I was very surprised by it! And I’m really glad that you chose this post to reblog because each of these Liebster honorees deserves it. By the way, you have a terrific blog too! 🙂

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