Hope Amid the Destruction of Our Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are often referred to as the “rainforests of the sea.” They are among one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on our planet. Coral reefs provide underwater habitat for marine life, provide protection from waves and storms in coastal areas, provide economic benefits from tourism and create sand for beaches. These are just some of the reasons why it’s essential to protect our coral reefs.

Yet, these very fragile ecosystems are being threatened at an alarming rate. Not surprisingly, humans have a significant impact on coral reef destruction. Pollution, overfishing, dynamite fishing, coastal development and climate change are some of the problems that threaten coral reefs. According to a recent report by World Resources Institute, 75% of our planet’s coral reefs are threatened. Given that statistic, it almost seems as though it’s a hopeless situation. The key word here is “almost.” In other words, there is hope amid the destruction.

And this video that I have decided to share with everyone is the epitome of hope! It’s a very uplifting video that everyone will not want to miss. I was absolutely “amazed” with this video. It’s a wonderful story that shows how one person can truly make a difference in saving our coral reefs. I won’t go into detail about the video because I want everyone to watch it. It’s a very short video (about two minutes long), so it won’t take too long to watch it. Besides, this video is a very worthwhile story that gives so much hope to a seemingly hopeless situation. Just to note, there is a very short advertisement (seconds) before the video begins.

I hope that everyone will take a moment to watch this important video. After watching it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, I’d like to hear how things are in your part of the world. After all, this problem affects all of us. Do you feel hopeful that we can save these important ecosystems? Would you describe yourself as environmentally conscious?

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Compassion motivates and inspires me. Whether it’s compassion for animals, the environment, or people–I embrace it. I try to live a compassionate life each and everyday. It gives me purpose.
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52 Responses to Hope Amid the Destruction of Our Coral Reefs

  1. magsx2 says:

    I agree a very good video, I love the idea of the coral trees, very ingenious.
    While I was reading your post I remembered an article that I read about some experiments that was being done on the coral reefs with very good results, unfortunately I didn’t keep the link, but I had a quick look and I found it. Instead of trying to read the lot, most of which you would know anyway scroll down to results, and you will find what has now been discovered.

    • Thanks Mags for your wonderful comment and for sharing the link! That is hopeful news for the “Great Barrier Reef.” I have read that Australia in particular is in much better shape than other parts of the world. Let’s hope that it stays that way. 🙂

      By the way, the statistic that I mentioned in my post (75% of all coral reefs threatened) was from a report released just a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, it is a very current statistic. The report also states that the threat is highest in Southeast Asia. It found that nearly 95% of the remaining coral reefs there are threatened mostly due to overfishing and destructive fishing. Nonetheless, it also shows that Australia is in much better shape. According to the report, there is only a 14% threat there. It has the lowest threat level. Fortunately, your region is definitely better off than other parts of the world.

      Hopefully, I didn’t bore you with my statistics. That’s why I chose not to list them all in my post. I don’t want to bore people to death. I had enough of them to last a lifetime in college. I’d much rather be laughing at your jokes! Anyway, thanks for swinging by again. Great to have you here! 🙂

  2. jakesprinter says:

    It`s a great video Doc I like to great first of all the Dynamite Fisherman, Oil sea mining and the sea garbage thrower sometimes the responsible for this issue lol 🙂 Nice post Doc .

  3. barb19 says:

    I enjoyed the video and think those coral trees are ingenious! It’s a shame that we haven’t learned how to respect our oceans and all that’s in them.
    I live in Australia, but Mags’ comment and her link say it all.

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the video Barb! Thanks so much for taking time to watch it and for your comment. Fortunately, Australia is in better shape than other parts of the world. Hopefully, things will improve over time, as people grow more aware of the problems affecting our beautiful coral reefs.

      Just curious, do you ever go snorkeling or scuba diving Barb? Australia must be an oasis for underwater recreation. 🙂

      • barb19 says:

        We took a trip up to the Barrier Reef a few years ago and I did some snorkelling and it was amazing! I always knew it was beautiful under the water, but wasn’t prepared for what I did see – an abundance of fish, coral and plant life so colourful, it took my breath away! Something I will never ever forget.

      • Wow! That sounds like an awesome experience Barb! I hope that you had an underwater camera and took lots of pictures. I would love to see you do a post about your amazing adventure. This is one reason why we need to protect our beautiful coral reefs. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I never heard of dynamite fishing before. It sounds like a terrible thing!

    What an amazing idea, a coral nursery under the sea, carefully tended to and protected by humans. I remember watching Jacques Cousteau specials when I was a child, and how concerned he was about the devastating changes he saw taking place in the coral reefs even back then in the 1960s. He would probably be pleased that people are finally responding to the problem. It’s a big step in the right direction!

    I feel that I am environmentally conscious, perhaps I can thank my nature-loving parents for making me aware of and concerned about mankind’s impact on the planet from an early age.

    • Thanks so much Barbara for your lovely comment. It’s no surprise to me that you are environmentally conscious. After all, you are an animal-loving vegan girl! Very cool indeed! I know how much you care about our planet, and all the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. So, I say kudos to you my friend for making a difference. 🙂

      I hadn’t heard the term dynamite fishing (aka blast fishing) either until John of “Blithe and Untroubled Life” mentioned it in a recent post that he wrote. I’ve learned since much more about dynamite fishing. It’s particularly widespread in Southeast Asia, the Aegean Sea, and coastal Africa. As you might imagine, it’s extremely destructive to coral reefs. I guess it’s all about greed with no thought given to protecting our ecosystems. 😦

      Isn’t the coral nursery an amazing idea? I’m glad you thought so too. I agree that Jacques Cousteau would have been pleased to see that people are responding to the problem. It really does give hope to saving our precious coral reefs. 🙂

  5. Sony Fugaban says:

    First of all, I’d like to say thank you for sharing the video! It’s indeed full of hope and educational at the same time. Didn’t know corals grow faster than I thought, which is a trivia for me. I take my hats off to all the people in the world who make efforts to do our share in preserving and protecting the environment in small (like me) and big (like the scientists on the video and those whom I’ve met in the blogosphere — http://holagreenhonduras.wordpress.com/ — and ordinary people like you, Dona). Knowing there are a lot of people out there who takes time to do their efforts in the so-called GREEN REVOLUTION makes me hopeful enough that we can still DO something for the collapsing ecosystem. I just wish that world leaders, who can have enormous contribution given the chance, will give utmost priority too in issues surrounding the degrading environment. It’s just unfortunate that presidential candidate/s (like Loren Legarda in our country) whose priority goes out to environmental concerns couldn’t win an election most of the time. In a third world country like the Philippines, people’s votes are anchored, IMO, by promise/s for alleviation of poverty if you know what I’m saying. Don’t get me wrong, I get the point of such “bait” though.

    However it may be, it’s not fair for our government to pour just a little effort to our environmental concerns. The effort is far from enough as far as I can see. Nation leaders like ours, should read and watch a lot about the INCONVENIENT TRUTH to reconsider the kind of attention it gives to said concerns. I can’t just comprehend how they can’t see the bigger picture here. I mean, above anyone else, they are supposed to be the more educated … privileged at that in this case. In the end, I am hopeful that there still a multitude of environmentally conscious people in position too who could make way for bigger changes and efforts towards saving Mother Earth. In my 29 years of living, I haven’t voted yet because I am still waiting for that presidential candidate whose vision and priorities are attuned to Mother Earth’s.

    Thank you so much Dona for another purposeful post!

    • Wow! That was one passionate comment Sony! I greatly appreciate you sharing it and the link too. I’m all for knowledge. After all, the more we know, the better we can make a difference I believe. 🙂

      I agree Sony that more needs to be done to help protect our environment. I understand that it starts with us as individuals first and foremost, but logically speaking it’s not entirely possible to protect our fragile ecosystems without some government involvement. So, I’m with you on that.

      Let’s take dynamite fishing and cyanide fishing as examples. I personally don’t have the means to confront those people who practice these kinds of destructive fishing. I must depend on my government to police these horrific practices. Fortunately, these types of destructive fishing are not a problem here in the US because it’s illegal to do so “and” laws are being enforced. I’m assuming it’s illegal over there too. Just curious, are they enforcing the laws over there in the Philippines? Are things improving?

      Even though dynamite fishing and cyanide fishing is not an issue here in the US, we still have the other problems mentioned in my post (i.e., overfishing, pollution, coastal development, etc.) that continue to threaten our ecosystems. Hopefully, we are beginning to realize the importance of protecting our environment. It may be a slow process in the making, but I’m hopeful that we are making some positive changes before it’s too late. I guess you could call me an optimist! Anyway, thanks Sony (aka eco-warrior) for your great comment! 🙂

      • Sony Fugaban says:

        Yes, there are laws forbidding dynamite fishing and those similar, I may say, violations to the ecosystem. Improving…H’m. I don’t have something tangible to support my assumption at the moment so let’s just hope for the better.

        I have watched a documentary one time about coral mining somewhere in the eastern part of the country and I’m glad the Bureau of Customs did well in blocking those black corals from getting out of the country.

        You are always welcome, Donna.

      • Thanks very much Sony! I share your sense of hope. Also, it’s good to know that they were able to stop those black corals from being smuggled out of the country. What a cruel and greedy thing to do. I guess it’s all about the money. I’m just glad that there are people like you in the world Sony that really care about the environment. 🙂

      • Sony Fugaban says:

        And I wish I could do bigger things soon …

      • What matters most is that you are making a difference! We don’t need to be world leaders to make a difference although it might help. Ha! Ha! And if you wish to do bigger things soon, I say just go for it my friend. Anyway, thanks for swinging back by again President Sony. 🙂

      • Sony Fugaban says:

        You made me laugh really hard, Donna. Thanks! I mean, I seldom laugh that way. You just made my day brighter. 🙂

      • Thanks again Sony! Laughter is a good thing! I’ve heard it lowers the blood pressure. 🙂

  6. We should do everything, anything to save of what’s left of our coral reefs. It takes one person with the heart and will to change to inspire the world. Thank you for sharing this video. What a great way to create a home for our marine life and to ensure the survival of our reefs. Man destroyed a lot of these reefs, man should also take action and responsibility to rebuild them. If not for us, let’s do it for our children. We owe it to them. God bless you my friend…beautiful post as always.

    • Thank you IT for watching the video and for your wonderful comment. Your comments are always so heartfelt and this one is no different. When I read your comments, it’s a bit like experiencing a gentle ocean breeze while watching a beautiful sunrise. 🙂

      I love when you wrote, “Man destroyed a lot of these reefs, man should also take action and responsibility to rebuild them. If not for us, let’s do it for our children. We owe it to them.” I wholeheartedly agree with your moving words my friend. It’s a shame that humans are responsible for much of our coral reef destruction. Yet, instead of making things worse by continuing to destroy our remaining coral reefs, people should do everything they can to save them.

      I also think it’s important that we teach kids to be good stewards of our planet and kind to animals. I think it’s a positive thing to know that kids are environmentally conscious. I have found many kids to be much more aware about the importance of protecting our planet than many adults! That gives me so much hope because kids are the future. I just hope that parents inspire kids to be kind to our planet and all the animals that inhabit it.

      I am hopeful that one day our planet will be in much better shape, and our animals will be treated with kindness instead of being exploited and cruelly treated for greedy purposes. That being said, it’s up to us to make sure that happens. Anyway, thanks again friend. I wish you and your family endless blessings. Have a wonderful time back home! 🙂

  7. munchow says:

    It is really so important to save the coral reefs of the world. So thanks for sharing the video, it does bring hope. Unfortunately I have heard about dynamite fishing before. But the idea of a coral nursery seems on the other hand fantastic. Will human beings turn around and take more care of the planet we live on? I don’t know to be honest. Of course we will when the situation gets critical enough, but the question then is if it’s too late. So, yes, maybe the hope is with our kids.

    • Thanks very much Otto! It’s great to hear from other people like yourself who care about our planet. It gives me a sense of hope to know that others truly care. After all, we don’t need to be environmental experts to care about what’s taking place with our coral reefs. I’m no Jacques Cousteau. I’m just someone who cares about our planet. 🙂

      I can’t predict what will happen with our coral reefs because I don’t have all the answers. That said, I think they are worth saving. Hopefully, there are enough people in the world who feel the same way. It’s great to know that you do Otto! I really appreciate you sharing your words and taking time to watch the video. 🙂

  8. Cafe says:

    WOW that is amazing!! Thanks for continuing to educate us on this kind of stuff. I really think I don’t know that much about helping the environment and as a nature lover I really should learn more. This is very inspiring 🙂

    • Thanks Cafe! I’m equally inspired by your wonderful comment. It’s always great to hear from other nature lovers. 🙂

      I think that there are lots “all of us” can learn about our environment. The more I learn, the more I realize just how fragile our planet is. That said, I think knowledge is very empowering.

      Have a wonderful week Cafe! Hopefully, you will get a chance to spend some time outside. The weather is gorgeous here in Florida. The birds are singing at this very moment! 🙂

      • Cafe says:

        Thanks! I heard from someone who was in Florida recently that it’s perfect weather over there! Enjoy it!

      • Oh yes! Springtime in Florida is beautiful Cafe! Of course, I think everyday is beautiful even if it’s cloudy outside. It’s just extra special to me when the sun is shining. And the sun has really been shining lately. I guess they don’t call it “The Sunshine State” for nothing. Thanks Cafe! 🙂

  9. */-)ndr¡X* says:

    Totally agree with you, I’m also an activist and I love ecological matters jejeje.
    I liked a lot your post, so sad we, humans, do not know to appreciate the beauty of nature! 😦
    Excelente video my friend, btw! 😉

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  12. */-)ndr¡X* says:

    Hello my Friend!!
    I challenge you to tell me, what does the word SUCCESS mean to you?

  13. Yatin says:

    Very interesting & inspiring video; it only takes one creative or rebellious idea to change the world. Edison thought world can be brightened. I am optimistically hopeful that environmentally aware group, even small in number will prevail to preserve the allure of Mother Nature.

    • Thanks Yatin for your wonderful comment! I’m glad that you enjoyed the video. I share your sense of optimism and hope for our planet. Fortunately, I think there are more people getting involved with environmental issues. By the way, great to see you back my friend! 🙂

  14. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    You know, I’m actually a convert. I never really thought ONE person can make a difference, but this shows how they actually can. I didn’t use to have a strong feeling about environmental issues, but the exposure of the issues has actually made a difference – because now I AM aware & I do care, and I would like to contribute to change.

    The reefs in Queensland, Australia, are precious. My son & me went diving there and the instructor had said ‘Don’t stand on them’ and my son, mid dive, surfaced & said to me “this dumb woman is standing on the reefs!” and I didn’t say anything to her. I regret that.


    • Wow! I greatly appreciate your comment Noeleen! Isn’t it really cool to see what one person can do to help bring about positive change for our planet? I was really mesmerized with the video. It’s good to see that others are inspired by it too. Also, I think it’s fantastic to hear that you want to be part of the “positive change movement.” 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your diving experience. That must have been an awesome day! I bet you and your son had a blast. Like anything in life, I guess we all learn as we go along. Each experience brings with it more wisdom. That being said, it’s stories like yours that remind us how fragile our planet is. So, thanks for sharing your “words of wisdom” on my blog. By the way, I’m looking forward to catching up with your blog and the rest of my blogging friends soon. You guys rock! 🙂

  15. Cafe says:

    Heya! Haven’t heard from you in a long time, I hope all is well! 🙂

    I am currently running around the blogosphere leaving this annoying message with people who had subscribed to my blog before I changed my domain name. Apparently my posts are not showing up in their Readers and I must ask them to kindly unsubscribe & resubscribe to my blog, by just unclicking and clicking on the “Following” button at the top of my page http://www.yourdailydoseblog.com

    I hate to bother everyone about this, but I’d really appreciate the help in getting things back on track! Thanks so much!!
    – Janice

    • Hi Janice (aka Cafe)! It’s great to hear from you again. Things are going well here in sunny Florida. Thanks for asking! I’ve been a busy bee, but I’m looking forward to catching up with my blogging buddies soon. I really appreciate you letting me know about the “changes” with your blog. I definitely don’t want to miss reading your posts. I hope you have a great weekend. Talk with you again soon. 🙂

      • Cafe says:

        Glad to hear you’re well in the land of good weather 🙂
        Thanks so much and hope you have a great weekend as well!

      • Thanks again Janice! I hope this “land of good weather” stays this way all summer long! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we have a quiet hurricane season. 🙂

  16. john tugano says:

    Hi its been a long time since I dropped by, hows life going on?

    Its good to see how concern you are even in our environment especially the sea wherein numerous of wonderful creature lives and also kudos to the man on video for putting back life in our corals..nice share my friend..

    • Hi John! Great to hear from you again!! I’m glad you dropped by my friend. I know how busy things can get. I have so much catching up to do myself. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching it. I always appreciate your concern for our planet. I hope all is well in your tropical paradise! I’ll be over for a visit again soon to your blog. Stay blessed. 🙂

  17. Thank you for sharing a video and a post that touches the hearts of people to care for their environment. People seems to think our planet has unlimited resources. So much greed and insensitiveness to the cry and plight of our natural resources. Today, you showed us our errors and you gave us a chance to do something positive. Like you said, “It’s a wonderful story that shows how one person can truly make a difference in saving our coral reefs.” It takes only one person to make the first step. Merry Christmas and God bless you and your family always.

    • Hi IT! I really appreciate your kind words! And thanks again for taking time to watch the video. Your insight is always something that I look forward to reading. It’s great to know that there are so many people like yourself that truly care about our environment. And the more we learn, the more we can make a difference together. Wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

      Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Stay blessed my friend. 🙂

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